Maralabs had just partnered with Sangfor Technologies Inc. to be a reseller of enterprise-grade Cloud Computing and Network Security products and solutions.  Sangfor is a leading global IT Infrastructure solutions provider with offices in Asia Pacific and United States, specializing in Cloud Computing & Network Security with a wide range of products including Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Next Generation Firewall, Internet Access Management, WAN Optimization, SD-WAN, and many others.  Visit their site at to know more about their company.  

The contract signing took place at the BHotel in Scout Rallos St, Quezon City with Maralabs chairman, Mr. Meric B. Mara and representatives from Sangfor, Mr. Kelsey Yan and Mr. Glay Wang.  Both Kelsey and Glay also gave a short presentation about the Company and their products to the Maralabs team.  Various success stories from clients in the Philippines were also shown, proving that their products had helped secured and streamlined the network architecture and infrastructure of the likes of Abensons, STI, and others.

Maralabs will start marketing Sanfor products particularly the Internet Access Management(IAM) and Next Generation Firewall plus Web Application Firewall (NGAF). Sangfor IAM is a superior Internet behaviour management solution consisting of professional internet bandwidth management, application control, URL filters, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behaviour analysis, wireless network management, and many more features.  NGAF is the world’s first AI enabled and fully integrated NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) + WAF (Web Application Firewall) with all-around protection from all threats powered by innovations such as Neural-X and Engine Zero. It is a truly secured, integrated and simplified firewall solution, providing holistic overview of the entire organization security network, with ease of management for administration, operation & maintenance.
To know more about these security products, contact us at [email protected].