It is our pleasure to be invited and be one of the sponsors on the 10th Founding Anniversary celebration of the PNP Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management. This two-days event which was held at Crame multi-purpose center focus on empowering the Police and community through digital technology.

On the last day of the said event, our Chief Technology Officer Al Francis delivered a presentation about Attack Vectors to around 300 attendees which are mostly PNP officials and police officers. It was an interesting talk where Al explained the different attacks commonly used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to computers or networks.

Aside from the informative presentation, the new features of our very own anti-DDoS solution, AksyonShield was also shown to the public for the first time. These features include mobile application with real-time view of attacks and the 3D version of attack map. We are excited and proud to share these new features of AksyonShield to everyone, and we promise to continue developing and producing quality products and ICT solutions.

Congrats to Philippine National Police for the successful event. We hope attendees learned from our CTO during his presentation, and thank you to the whole Maralabs team for their effort and dedication.